Best Car Insurance Options in Indonesia

Choosing the right insurance policy for your beloved vehicle can be overwhelming with the numerous options available. Each insurance product has its own advantages that you can choose based on your specific needs.

Are you still unsure of which policy to choose? Below is a list of the best car insurance options from top insurance companies in Indonesia to help guide your decision-making process.

List of Best Car Insurance Options

For car owners, having car insurance is a must. With insurance coverage, the car owner won’t have to worry about minor or major damages to their vehicle.

In addition, some car insurance policies even offer additional benefits for damages caused by unexpected events such as natural disasters or riots.

Moreover, there are unique advantages between all-risk car insurance and TLO car insurance products.

The list below features the best car insurance with affordable premiums and maximum benefits. Let’s find out more!

Tugu Insurance

Tugu Insurance, also known as Tugu Pratama Indonesia, is a car insurance with extremely affordable premiums.

The premium for a Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance policy starts at just IDR 35,000 per month, while the premium for an All Risk insurance policy starts at only IDR 175,000 per month.

Access to workshops is also not a concern, as Tugu Insurance has 307 partner workshops throughout Indonesia.

In addition to car insurance, Tugu Pratama Indonesia also offers motorcycle insurance and health insurance products.

Tokio Marine Insurance

Tokio Marine Insurance offers two insurance policy options, Total Loss Only (TLO) and All Risk. The premium for Tokio Marine’s TLO insurance starts at just IDR 36,000 per month. Meanwhile, the premium for All Risk insurance starts at IDR 205,000 per month.

This insurance company also provides 24-hour call center services that can be reached in case the vehicle owner experiences an accident and needs to file a claim.

Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Sinar Mas car insurance is often the choice of owners of older vehicles. This is because the insurance covers vehicles up to 12 years old.

The premiums are also very affordable, starting from IDR 35,000 for TLO insurance and IDR 175,000 per month for All Risk insurance. This insurance, managed by PT Asuransi Sinar Mas (ASM), also has 584 partner workshops.

Adira Autocillin

Adira Autocilin, managed by PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia Tbk (Zurich Insurance), is an automobile insurance that offers 24/7 service for its clients.

To access this benefit, you can pay a premium of Rp71,000 per month for TLO insurance and Rp281,000 per month for All Risk insurance.

AXA Mandiri Insurance

The AXA Mandiri insurance, managed by Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI), offers affordably priced premiums for the best services.

Its premiums start from IDR 45,000 per month for TLO and IDR 194,000 per month for All Risk.

This is incredibly affordable, isn’t it? With these budget-friendly premiums, AXA Mandiri provides partnerships with over 150 workshops.

ABDA Insurance

Bina Dana Arta Tbk managed insurance offers a comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. With its broad network of over 400 partners in Indonesia, the insurance premiums start at just Rp65 thousand per month for Total Loss Only (TLO) coverage, and Rp278 thousand per month for All Risk coverage.

What sets this insurance apart is the Road Side Assistance service available 24/7 to assist car owners with tire replacement, unlocking the car if the keys are left inside, and even providing fuel delivery in case of a gas run out during a trip.

Sompo Insurance

Sompo Insurance Indonesia offers two policy options, TLO and All Risk, for car insurance. It also has partnerships with over 500 garages throughout Indonesia. The premium for All Risk insurance starts at a reasonable Rp 193 thousand per month.

ACA Insurance

The ACA car insurance offers two policy options, TLO and All Risk, and has over 400 affiliated garages across the country.

This insurance can cover damages to a car that is up to seven years old. The premiums start at IDR 48 thousand per month for TLO car insurance and IDR 218 thousand for All Risk car insurance.

Simas Insurtech Insurance

Simas Insurtech’s car insurance is one of the insurance products offered by Simas Insurtech. It provides three different policy options, including TLO (Third Party Only) insurance, Comprehensive All Risk insurance, and an additional benefit in the form of Third Party Liability insurance.

With top-notch service, you can own a Simas Insurtech insurance policy starting from Rp45,000 per month for TLO coverage and from Rp257,000 per month for All Risk coverage.

Allianz Insurance

Under the umbrella of Allianz Group, Allianz Motor Insurance offers two types of policies, TLO and All Risk. The premium for the TLO insurance policy starts from IDR 38,000 per month, while the premium for the All Risk insurance policy starts from IDR 242,000 per month.

With a proven track record of providing the best service, Allianz is a reliable choice for those in need of motor insurance.

Types of Car Insurance

Generally, there are two types of car insurance that can be selected to protect vehicles from damage risks. The first one is Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance, while the second one is All Risk insurance, also often referred to as comprehensive insurance.

All car insurance companies will provide these two options which can be purchased according to the needs of the vehicle owner.

All Risk Car Insurance

The All Risk insurance will cover the cost of repairing all types of vehicle damage, from minor scratches caused by collisions with other vehicles to major component replacements.

The premium for All Risk insurance is typically more expensive than that of Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance because it provides more comprehensive coverage.

TLO Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, there are two options to choose from: Total Loss Only (TLO) and All Risk. Unlike All Risk insurance, TLO only covers damages where the cost of repairs is equal to or greater than 75% of the current car value, as well as theft-related losses.

It is important to note that minor damages such as scratches cannot be covered under TLO insurance.

However, the premium for TLO insurance is cheaper compared to All Risk insurance. So, which one to choose ultimately depends on your personal preference and coverage needs.

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