Best Real Money Earning Games

Real money earning games have become a popular way for gamers to turn their hobby into a source of income.

These games range from simple, casual titles to more complex, strategic ones, and offer a variety of ways to earn money.

Some real money earning games pay players for their in-game achievements, while others offer cash prizes for winning tournaments or contests.

One popular type of real money earning game is the trivia or puzzle game. These games often require players to answer questions or solve problems in order to progress through the game and earn rewards.

Some examples of trivia and puzzle games that offer real money prizes include QuizUp and HQ Trivia. These games are often free to play and offer a range of cash prizes for top performers.

Another type of real money earning game is the skill-based game. These games require players to have a high level of proficiency in order to succeed and earn money.

Examples of skill-based games include chess, poker, and esports tournaments. These games often have entry fees and offer cash prizes for the top performers.

Some popular esports tournaments, such as the Fortnite World Cup, have awarded millions of dollars in prize money to the top players.

Overall, real money earning games offer a unique opportunity for gamers to make money by doing something they love.

Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro, there are options available for players of all skill levels.

With a little bit of practice and determination, you can turn your passion for gaming into a lucrative side hustle or even a full-time career.

Popular Real Money Earning Games

Hey, have you ever heard of earning money by just playing games? It’s totally possible! You just have to find the right apps or websites that will actually pay you real money to play their games.

Just a heads up, you probably won’t get paid in cold hard cash upfront. Some of these sites might use tokens or “coins” that you can exchange for gift cards and stuff like that.

Make sure to do your homework and find legit apps that won’t just be a waste of your time. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Online Game Make Money Free

Mistplay is an app that lets you get paid to play video games. It started in 2017 as a platform for gamers to earn some extra cash by playing online games. It’s only available for Android users, but it’s totally worth checking out.

You can choose from a list of games or compete with other players on a leaderboard. You can also browse for special offers.

To earn rewards, you can do things like download, test, and play games. You’ll get $5 for every 1,500 points you earn or achieve.

The best part is that the longer you play, the more points you’ll get. These points can be used to redeem prizes like Visa Cards and other cool stuff. And the best part? It’s all free!

Category: Entertainment
Latest Version: 5.42.4
Updated: 2022-12-04
Requirements: Android 5.0 or later
Developer: MISTPLAY
Download Download Mistplay APK (56.0MB)


Best Real Money Earning Games

Swagbucks is a site that pays you real money in the U.S. and Canada. It’s also known as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, and people call it the internet’s go-to spot for easy cash.

With your smartphone, you can earn money by joining and completing various online activities. It’s totally free to join, and there are plenty of ways to earn money.

You can get points or SB points (100 points = $1) for participating in online activities, plus a $5 sign-up bonus for all new users.

The points you earn can be exchanged for gift cards. The most popular payout options are Amazon gift cards or PayPal.

The best part? You can do all of this from your phone and the comfort of your own home. How cool is that?

Category: Entertainment
Latest Version: 1.0
Updated: 2021-04-08
Requirements: Android 4.4 or later
Developer: Zae Tae Apps
Download Download Swagbucks APK (11.1MB)


Real Money Playing Games

Inbox Dollars has been around since 2000 and has paid over $60 million in rewards to its members. You can make around $15 to $55 a month, and you can cash out at the $30 mark. Not too shabby, right?

One way to earn money on Inbox Dollars is to use their search toolbar. You’ll get $1 just for using it. Of course, how much you earn ultimately depends on how active you are.

You can earn money by playing games on your phone, tablet, or laptop and by sharing your opinion. Just by spending 5 to 10 minutes a day on this, you can make an extra $50 a month.

Inbox Dollars also lets you earn cash by completing surveys, searching the web using their toolbar, watching videos, and more. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Category: Entertainment
Latest Version: 3.11.3
Updated: 2022-10-20
Requirements: Android 5.0 or later
Developer: InboxDollars
Download Download InboxDollars APK


Game Real Money Paypal

Cashyy is a free game app that you can download on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Once you create an account, you can play cash games, complete missions, and do other easy tasks.

For all your hard work, you’ll earn coins that you can exchange for gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation, and more. You can also redeem your coins for cash through PayPal.

There are tons of different games on Cashyy, including puzzle, arcade, strategy, casual, action, and adventure. So no matter what type of games you like, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Go ahead and give it a try!

Category: Lifestyle
Latest Version: 4.0.8-Cashyy
Updated: 2021-06-11
Requirements: Android 4.4 or later
Developer: Cashyy
Download Download Cashyy APK


Real Money Earning Games

MyPoints is a great option if you want to earn some extra cash on the side. Like other apps and websites we’ve mentioned, you can make money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and participating in local deals.

This app is free to use and even gives you a welcome bonus when you sign up. Once you rack up 700 points, you can usually redeem them for a $5 gift card. Plus, you can cash out right after you take a survey. How cool is that?

There are a few ways you can redeem your reward points: you can transfer real money to your PayPal or Visa Prepaid account and then to your bank account, you can convert your points to airline miles with United MileagePlus accounts, or you can shop at participating stores like Target. So many options!


Real Money Earning Games Paypal

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to walk! All you have to do is install it on your smartphone and start racking up steps. For every 1,000 steps you take, you’ll earn 0.95 sweatcoins.

Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can exchange your sweatcoins for all sorts of rewards. Options include sportswear, fitness programs, PayPal cash, Apple Watch, iPhone, and more. It’s a great way to get paid for staying active and healthy.

Category: Health & Fitness
Latest Version: 119.0
Updated: 2023-01-10
Requirements: Android 5.1 or later
Developer: Sweatco Ltd
Download Download Sweatcoin APK


Game Earn Money Online

Looking to earn some extra cash on the side? Check out the Drop App! First, you’ll need to download it, create an account, and link your card. You’ll even get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Once you’re all set up, you can start earning points by making purchases at your favorite stores, taking surveys, playing games, and participating in various offers.

To redeem your points for gift cards, you’ll need to earn at least 25,000 points. You can exchange your points for gift cards in increments of 5,000, so if you have 50,000 points, you can get a $50 gift card.

Drop was launched in 2017 and has millions of users who love the app. Give it a try and see how much cash you can earn!

Category: Lifestyle
Latest Version: 1.27.0
Updated: 2020-10-14
Requirements: Android 4.3 or later
Developer: Drop Loyalty, Inc
Download Download Drop APK

Long Game

Free Real Money Earning Games

Long Game is an app that’s available for Android and iOS devices. The catch is that there is a cost to play. Don’t worry, though – you’ll get a free trial for 30 days.

Plus, for the first week, new users can experience the app’s top tier (Diamond) for free. For the following three weeks, users will be able to try out the basic Teal tier.

After the trial period is over, you’ll either have to pay $3 a month for the Teal tier or meet certain requirements to join the Gold or Diamond tiers for free.

This app rewards you for saving money with its coin system. The more you set aside, the more coins you’ll earn.

You can also earn coins by playing mini-games. Coins equal games, and games equal money. It’s a great way to earn money by playing games.

Latest Version: 3.9.2
Updated: 2020-09-18
Requirements: Android 4.3 or later
Developer: Long Game Savings Inc.
Download Download Long Game APK


Gamehag is another website that pays you to play games. It has a huge community of gamers and offers access to games and rewards in exchange for completing tasks. You can earn $1 to $3 for every 500 soul gems you collect.

On this site, you’ll use something called Soul Gems to exchange for rewards like gift cards. It’s a great way to earn some cash and get access to new games.

Lucky Level

Spin To Win Real Money

LuckyLevel is an app that gives you scratch cards for a chance to win money and gift cards. It’s only available on Android, and you can cash out once you have a balance of at least $10.

To claim a cash prize, you’ll need to have a PayPal account linked to your LuckyLevel account.

Typically, you’ll need around 10 million coins or tokens to redeem and get a gift card. It’s a fun way to try your luck and possibly win some prizes.

There are so many apps that can help you win real money earning games. It’s tough to pick the best and the free app because they all have different conversion rates or require you to do different activities.

If you want to get your hands on your earnings as soon as possible, I’d recommend using apps or websites like MyPoint or Swagbucks. Both of these allow you to cash out immediately after you earn money.

Category: Free Simulation Game
Latest Version: 1.0.0
Updated: Dec 16, 2022
Requirements: 5.0
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