Safe Investments for Beginners with Small Budget

As financial education and digital technology advancements become more prevalent, the awareness of the importance of investing early is also growing.

But, with the growing trend of investments, do you know what safe and profitable investment options are suitable for beginners?

For those who are just starting out, 2023 is a great time to begin investing. This can motivate you to increase your assets while achieving financial freedom.

However, make sure to know the procedures of each investment clearly to avoid making the wrong choice and steer clear of fraud.

So you won’t be overwhelmed, let’s discuss further about recommended investment instruments that are suitable for beginners with a small budget, safe, and guaranteed to earn profits, along with suitable investment tips for beginners.

Investment Options for Beginners

Of the various investment options available today, there are several instruments that beginners can try, including:

Fixed deposit

For those of you who want to start investing with a small, safe, and low-risk budget, you can try fixed deposit or also known as a bank deposit.

Fixed deposit is one type of savings account in a bank that has the same principle as saving.

Unlike regular savings, with a fixed deposit, you are directed to save money starting from a small nominal value to less than IDR 2 billion with strict rules.

For example, withdrawing fixed deposit money cannot be done arbitrarily because it has a certain agreed upon time frame.

In addition, customers will be fined if the deposit money is not cashed or cashed late from the agreed upon time frame.

Fixed deposit investment is considered profitable because the risk produced is very small. Moreover, the money saved is guaranteed to be safe as it is directly covered by the Deposit Guarantee Agency (LPS).


For those interested in starting small with a low-risk, safe investment, consider playing the stock market.

Although it may seem intimidating, with the right guidance and resources, investing in stocks can be easily learned by beginners.

Additionally, stocks can yield significant profits and can be started with a small amount of money. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the risk involved with stocks can be high.

To mitigate this risk, it’s recommended to start with a small investment using personal savings, and not to be swayed by promises of instant, high returns.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to stock investments; the big profits will come over time.


For those who are interested in starting an investment with a small amount of money, gold is a good option.

Known for its stability and increasing value, gold can be a wise investment for those who are looking for a low-risk option.

However, it’s important to consider the type of gold you want to invest in. While both bullion and jewelry have their own advantages, jewelry may have a lower resale value compared to bullion.


Investing in collectibles is another option for beginners. The trendy items that you are currently collecting at a low price may become fantastically profitable in the future.

The reason is that collectibles will become valuable items with high prices that are sought after in their time.

Therefore, be clever in reading trends and choose collectibles that you can make a long-term asset, such as antique money, Tamiya cars, or even Lego.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending

Investing in P2P lending is a growing trend that is considered low-risk, safe, can be started with a small amount of capital, and often yields a high return on investment.

Despite being unfamiliar to some, the workings of P2P lending are actually quite simple.

This crowdfunding-based investment form serves as a platform connecting investors with capital to borrowers in need of funds.

Usually, borrowers are small business owners who need funding to grow their enterprises. In practice, the investment is considered safe as it is backed by institutions approved by the OJK.

The average return on investment in P2P lending is between 14-20 percent per year, which is higher than savings and fixed deposit accounts.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are currently one of the most popular investment instruments for beginners, due to the number of advantages they have.

Not only can they be started with a small amount of capital and have affordable prices, but mutual funds are also considered safe investments because they are closely monitored by the OJK.

The returns given can also be very optimal because they are tax-free. Even more attractive is that mutual funds are managed by a legally-bound and expert Investment Manager, so investors can just sit back without worrying about managing the investment, from devising strategies to analyzing capital market instruments.

Investment Tips for Beginners

Aside from knowing the best investment options recommended for beginners with small capital, you also need to be aware of the right ways to start investing. Here are some tips and things to consider.

Don’t procrastinate

The principle of investing is the earlier, the better. The younger you start, the lighter the needs you need to prepare to reach your future goals.

As a start, those who are still hesitant in investing can try more indirect capital market products such as mutual funds and bonds.

Set clear investment goals

When investing, it’s best to set specific goals such as educational funding, retirement planning, or emergency fund preparation.

This needs to be done to motivate you in investing. You can also consult all your concerns with a professional financial advisor.

Establish a target budget and time frame

In addition to targeting the funds you need for investing, also estimate the specific time frame needed.

Usually, the amount of funds to be allocated will be greater if the available investment time frame is shorter.

In addition, determining the right time frame will also help you in choosing more stable and safe investments, with low volatility, so you can avoid losses.

Consistently invest

Investing consistently 10-30% of your monthly income without sacrificing your main expenses is recommended for investment funds.

Make this a comfortable and enjoyable habit. Also, ensure that your financial assets are directly monitored by the OJK to keep your investments safe.

With the recommendation for the best investment for beginners in 2023 and the tips for running the investment mentioned above,

it is not difficult to start a safe investment with small capital and guaranteed profits.

Happy investing!

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