Thinking About Getting Permanent Lipstick?

Out of all of the makeup products that a woman uses in a day, lipstick is certainly the one thing that a woman has to touch up and redo the most.

Women may have to touch up their lipstick any where from 2o to 10 times a day, something that we all can definitely do without.

Not only that, but lipstick often leaves a woman’s lips feeling dried out, waxy and uncomfortable. That is why more and more women are choosing to get permanent lipstick.

People choose to get permanent lipstick not only to look good 24 hours a day, but some women no longer have the physical capabilities to apply lipstick themselves, or some may have suffered damage to the area and require tattooing to help “restore” the appearance of their lips.

Before you choose to have permanent lipstick applied to your lips, you first need to research, research, research! Don’t just settle on the first name you see of a person who performs this procedure.

Talk to friends, makeup artists, read internet reviews, and speak to a couple of cosmetic surgeons to see who they recommend.

Once you have found the professional you are trusting with your permanent lipstick, plan a consultation and come loaded with every single question you would like to have answered prior to the procedure.

Review any drugs or medical conditions you are taking with the professional to be sure that these drugs will not interfere with the permanent lipstick procedure.

Shortly after the consultation, the procedure will take place. Permanent lipstick is applied the same way you would go about getting a tattoo (it is commonly referred to as cosmetic lip tattooing).

You can either have permanent lipstick applied through a tattoo shop, a cosmetic surgeon’s office, or even through a cosmetologist.

Permanent lipstick is the same fashion a tattoo is applied to the skin. A tattoo gun is loaded with your choice of ink color and is then “needled” into your lip area.

Some professional artists choose to do the ink by hand in this area since the lip area is quite sensitive so a gun may be too painful. If you do choose to have permanent lipstick applied manually without a gun, do expect to pay a higher price tag.

TIP: Most professionals will offer you a topical anesthetic to help reduce or eliminate any pain that you may experience. An hour or so before the procedure, take a tablet or two of Ibuprofen to further reduce any pain.

No matter which form of tattooing you choose, be prepared for a bit of bruising and swelling. This may last any where from 2 to 7 days.

To help expedite the healing process, keep your lips out of direct sunlight as much as possible and avoid putting any sort of makeup or product on them.

TIP: Most permanent lipstick procedures take more than one day to complete. Be prepared to have a follow up appointment any where from 6 to 8 weeks later to finish the job.